Wow- Full moon Eclipse with Planetary Alignment!

OK- so I’m not talking about the new Twlight installment, Eclipse- instead you may have noticed an amazing event last night.  The full moon partial eclipse, when the Eath moved between the Sun and Moon.   This was particulary powerful because it came just a few days after Summer Solstice and complete with several planets aligned in the night sky.   Seven planets, all in a  ”grand cross” formation lined up.  The Sun in Cancer was opposite the Moon in Capricorn connecting the evolutionary journey of the soul from the past to present.

Astrologers point out that this particular “grand cross” and lunar event can impact everything from our inner self to our soul’s journey to our ability to hide from our truth.  It can bring problems for stability (yes, you may rebel) but this is part of the evolutionary process of transformation- removing the parts of our lives that are no longer serving our journey.   Stay present during this time, build your confidence and find out what is true and what is fantasy in your life.  Most of all, enjoy the ride…  

This is an awesome time on our planet and there are many more astrological events to come so stay tuned :)

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